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If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?

It has to be the mobile phone. I have found that when I try to study or have a peaceful day the phone ringing over and over it's just crazy. And even when turned off once it is on, all hell breaks loose!

Writer's Block: $10,000 and Some Change

How would you change the world with $10,000?

One can do many things with 10,000 dollars. Buy a house, a new car, maybe even get that new wide screen tv one has been wanting. But when it comes to changing the world, I think that money could go into great use. Haiti was only about 6 or maybe 9 months ago. But it i snot getting the attention it used too. What I would do, is to use that money to help build the city back. Perhaps create a better Medical Center, maybe even a better way for those people to get clean water. That would be my way of changing the world, if even just a little.

Adama and Roslin (Serenity's Carillion)

This video got made out due to the new upcoming chapter that I will be posting in Kindred. However, this video can stand alone. Maybe, I'll make another one.  I have been running out of inspiration to make more vids lately. *Sigh* 



Adama and Roslin Sigs plus a Wallpaper

Well, I'm not a pro at making sigs or wallpapers but I try my best; and yes I need practice but...baby sitting two little girls and two black cats who like to get me in trouble can put a bit of stree. Thus that is why I made the following. A few sigs and a wallpaper I made for my BSG fanfic calle Kindred over at SI. This does hold Spoilers for the BSG Finale so you have been warned.

Sigs and Wallpaper under the cutCollapse )

Adama & Roslin (Beautiful Things)

I don't know how to explain this video. I have no idea how I was able to put it together after I know what happens to Laura. I feel so...Depressed! I am still in denial, but I suppose that's why this is is here. But then again as I sat before my computer, it felt as if another part of me was doing all the work while I just watched as it was put together; as if another is at fault for it. Once it was done and ready, I watched it and cried for the eighth time today. I don't believe I've ever made such a great video in my life! Yet, I still don't know the meaining of this vid, pethaps one of you would figure it out for me and tell me...

But any ways, I hope it is to your liking.

Disclaimer. BSG and charafters as well as setting are property of RDM and DE, plus the Scifi Chanell and Universal Studios. No infrigment is intended.

And since youtube is beaing a mean thing with me, I hope you are all able ti see it on this other site. Jus click on the link.


Vid Link

Mary & Eddie TV Guide Photo Shot Sig

Well with some pics I rendered from the BSG TV Guide Photo shot of Mary and Eddie I made this sig. Nothing too especial. But it was fun making it.


Mary & Eddie SigCollapse )


Mary & Eddie TV Guide Photo shot Render

Well, here are the renders I dae of the pics from TV Guide.  I did my best on them...rendering is not so easy!! lol I'll postthe rest in a while. Now the second render I did my best to get rid of the text..But alas I gave up!
Mary & Eddie TV RendersCollapse )

BSG & Other renders

Well, I am still new at making Renders. This is my first try and I like how it came out. Now, if you use this render of Mary notice that the background looks back but once you use this pic in a wally or something else the background is transparent; the black part is no longer there. (Lady Earth is the name I use when making Renders...working on a logo to put in it 2.) I'll add more as I make them.

Ok so before I begin just in case there are those who do not know what a render is well here you go. Rendering in layers refers specifically to separating different objects into separate images, such as a foreground characters layer, a sets layer, a distant landscape layer, and a sky layer. Rendering in passes, on the other hand, refers to separating out different aspects of the scene, such as shadows, highlights, or reflections, each into a separate image.

Renders under the cutCollapse )


Adama & Roslin - In the Shadows (Fanmix)

This is my second attempt at making an A/R fanmix. It has songs from all over, I mean Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English...I think you get the point. Well without further Adue here it is...

In The ShadowsCollapse )

BSG Quiz

Well, after taking the BSG Quiz on scifi.com to try and fins out who I was...I got laura Roslin as my result. My sister just smiled and said, "how come I saw that coming!?"

I am happy with my result.


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